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January 12, 2013
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Aizen's version. I did my best to keep him in character I guess.


You opened the huge doors in front of you. As it opens slowly, you walked in and close it quietly. You looked at the throne and notice Aizen was there, smiling down at you.

"__________, what brings you here?" He ask

"Well...I was bored and...wanna play a game?" you showed him the box of pocky.

You heard Aizen giggled (or chuckled, I don't really know the difference .-.) "___________, you definitely are the most playful person of all Las Noches.

" that a yes or a no?" you raised an eyebrow.

"Alright. So long as it doesn't concern bothering the others." He agreed.

You fistpump the air (like this :iconfuckyeahamericaplz: ) and used your sonido to dash up to his throne.

You explained how to play pocky and he seemed to not be bothered by it. He just...kept on smiling. Both of you bit the pocky and started eating. You two were really REALLY close until the pocky dropped on the floor. FAIL!

But it wasn't over. You and Aizen were still close to each other.

"" you said.

"It was interesting. You sure know how to entertain, __________" He complimented

"Heh, I guess so." you tried to manage a smiled. It was silent for awhile before you spoke up.

"I-Iguess I'll be going" You walked to the door

"Wait, ____________. Come back here" he suddenly spoke. You turned around and sonido your self there.

"Something wrong, Lord Aizen?" you said

He grabbed your arm and pulled you to him causing you to smash your lips against him. His lips were soft and sweet, but the kiss was rough and overwhelming.

It was awhile until he broke the kiss, see you looked out of breathe.

"If you ever feel bored, just invite me over to your room next time. Understand, __________?" He said

"M-my room?" you were confused to why he said 'room'.

"Indeed, you didn't think you the only one who can have fun, do you?" he said with a seductive tone.

"N-no, sir. Message recieved. How's about after dinner?" you blushed

He smirked at you "That seems reasonable, but how about right now?" he said

He stood up and dragged you to his room. There were sounds of you moaning and groaning throughout Las Noches. Tousen covered Wonderweiss's ears. "such terrible influence from ____________. Keep your ears close, child."



prologue: [link]
Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo
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