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March 25, 2013
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so many people love this guy...


You've did the math, Byakuya isn't so there's a 99% possibility that he wont slap you for this. What could go wrong right? Rangiku led you to his massive house through some secret entrance that the Shinigami Women's Association uses. The question is when and how did they put it there...anyways, she made you go on your own, knowing that your in his house and there's no way your sense of direction would guide you to an exit. You decided to wing it and follow your guts and try to find him...or a bathroom. Feeling under pressure makes you wanna pee, yes?

*Flush* you walked out of the bathroom and focused on finding an exit.

"This place is a maze! I wonder how Byaku makes his way around without getting lost?" you said to yourself.

"Why should you care?" a voice boomed from behind you. Feeling shocked you screamed, squat down and covered your ears. Then you turned around to see who it was. Oh, it was Bya....B-Byakuya?!?!

"A-ah!!! Byakuya! W-what are you doing here?" you asked panicking...thinking of an excuse for being in his house.

"I live here." he bluntly said.

"E-eh..yeah. (Shit that was stupid) I-I was just wondering if you c-could play pocky?" you struggled to ask.

"No." he walked away. You felt your heart break into pieces.

"Not my room." He added. Eh? You ended up following him to his bedroom. It was hard to understand how he manages to know which door leads to which room...I guess he got use to the whole thing.


-Meanwhile, in the Shinigami Women's Association room secretly hidden within the walls of Byaku's home...-

"So why was ____________ with you just now, Rangiku?" Nanao said adjusting her glasses.

"Hm? Oh! I was just helping ____________-sama with her love problem! She must've run into Byakuya by now!" She said determinely.

"Oooo~! I knew she'd make a move on day!" Kiyone happily grinned.

"What do you think Nemu?" Isane asked.

"...I like that pairing." Nemu plainly said.

"It'll never happen" Soi Fon doubt, crossing her arms and looks to the side.

"Looks like someone jelly!" Yachiru said bubbly.

"That's absurd! I am not, nor ever jealous of ___________!" Soi Fon blushed.

"Hey! I know! Let's take pictures of them!" Kiyone interrupted.

"Sure! But what should we do with them?" Rangiku agreed.

"We can sell it to make some money." Nanao's glasses sparkled.

That was the queue for all of their eyes to sparkle with mischief. Good lord, your in a pickle now. Hide yo things, hide yo kids, because the Shinigami Women's Association is coming.


Byakuya led you to his was big and it damn right looks compfy! 8D ... he took the pocky out of your hands and examined it.

"This isn't poisoned is it?" he asked

"Why would I do that to you?" you sighed.

He sighed. "If I play this with you would you tell me why your face turns red when you see me?"

"A-ah! Deal! Just follow my lead." You smiled.

You bit one end and looked at him...he seems puzzled. You pointed to the other end, signalling him that he should bite it. He understood and bit it. He looked carefully at you and he saw you started eating your way to him with your eyes closed as if you couldn't look at his face like this. He followed. You opened your eyes and saw a pink shade on his cheeks. It was cute. Oh, how you wish you had a camera plugged in to your eyes. Would that even hurt? And how do you even snap a photo with your eyes? Why are you thinking about this? should be thinking of how close you are to Byakuya before the both of you-

Kissed. But it was short on the count of Byakuya didn't want it to last...he must've hate you. How you wish that eye camera thing was real.

"D-did I do something wrong?" you asked

"Your friend is here with company." He narrowed his eyes at the window.

"F-friend?" You had a dirty thought. Did Rangiku taught you a thing or two? Or are you just reading too much hentai?

Byakuya walked over to the window and opened it, revealing the whole Shinigami Women's Association group with a handful of cameras. You gave a death stare to them while Byakuya wasn't looking at you. Telling them to f*ck off.

"U-uh, I guess we'll be heading off!" Rangiku quickly said

"Scatter..." Byakuya called

"SAVE THE CAMERAS!!!!!" Rangiku shouted, pulling Nanao and Nemu with her running.



"Hey I just saw Rangiku leaving here with a handful of your cameras. What's up?" Izuru came in the Court of Pure Souls News Magazine Editing Dept. (found that out in the Shinkgami Illustrated Book episode 138.)

"She's doing some photography of Captain Kuchiki and Ex-Captain ______________ making out and stuff." Shuhei plainly replied.

"Oh...are you planning on having her give them back afterward?" Izuru asked

"Of course, numbskull. I lend them to her...she'd better not break them..." Shuhei sighed.

"Would you care if ..all...of them got destroyed?" Izuru managed a smile

"I'd freak if all of 'em got destroyed! But Rangiku wouldn't let that happen...why?" Shuhei assures.

"Because they did."





Poor Shuhei :iconlazyweepplz:

prologue: [link]

Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo.
You belong to :iconkuchikiplz:
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